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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Smart community must involve youth in its programmes

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25th February, 2010
LABUAN: Labuan MP Datuk Yusof Mahal wants the Smart Community (Komuniti Bestari) to involve youths of various races when implementing its programme so that they will not be lured into unhealthy and immoral activities.
He said this in his address at the presentation of grants for Smart Community administration and Kelab Setia 2010, organised by the Information Department at a leading hotel here on Monday.
He added, the younger generation needs to be guided and nurtured so that they could become future quality leaders with positive vision.
“This is because with the involvement of youth in your various activities, it could somehow assist us in producing productive people from the younger generation towards excellence and prosperity in future,” he said.
Present during the function, were Information Department Deputy Director (Human Resource), Baharudin Ahmad, Labuan’s Information Department Director Mohd Taib Ubah, education director, Mohd Zaki Mohd Yussof, Umno Youth Chief, Mohd Rafi Ali Hassan and 12 Smart Community zone chairmen.
At the presentation ceremony, Yusof, who is also the State Smart Community Chairman, handed over the grants totaling to RM27,000 to 12 zones, with each zone receiving RM2,250.
At the same time, he also presented government grants to Kelab Setia 2010 for 9 secondary schools in Labuan.

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