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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ex-telco exec nabbed over multimillion-ringgit porn SMS ops

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KUALA LUMPUR: Police have detained a former telecommunications company executive whose life in the fast lane was allegedly fuelled by a multimillion-ringgit pornography operation.
The 34-year-old suspect who reportedly amassed RM11mil through the porn SMS operation, via his company, over several years, was picked up by a team of policemen from the Bukit Aman Commercial Crime Investigation Department at about 10pm on Tuesday.
It is learnt the man was with his family at their home in Putra Heights near Subang Jaya at the time of the arrest.
The arrest followed a police report filed last week on the multimillion-ringgit service operated by the suspect.
Initial investigations revealed that the man had allegedly masterminded the sales of short message service (SMS) which offered three-minute pornographic video clippings to subscribers.
It is understood that the man charged RM3 for each pornographic SMS which he sent to subscribers over the years, amassing millions of ringgit.
According to a police officer who declined to be named, although the suspect earned about RM4,000 a month, he owned a Porsche and BMW cars, purportedly through the sale of the porn SMSes.
On Wednesday, the police obtained a three-day remand order at the Jalan Duta Court Complex here to facilitate investigations.
Among others, the police are investigating whether the suspect had operated alone or had accomplices.
The case is being investigated under Section 233 of the Communication and Multimedia Act 1998, that is, improper use of network facilities or network service.
It is learnt the suspect was suspended by a telecommunication company before he allegedly started the pornographic SMS racket. -- Bernama

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