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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Iran is more dangerous to West country.. Go Iran...!!

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2 New Missiles Under Production
Production of two new missiles started Saturday as part of plans to boost the country’s defenses.
Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi inaugurated the production line for an anti-armor missile Toofan-5 and anti-helicopter missile Qaem, IRIB reported.
“With mass production and delivery of the modern weapons to the armed forces, the nation’s defenses will increase both on the ground and in aerial warfare,” the minister said.
Toofan-5, which is among advanced anti-armor missiles, is equipped with two warheads and can take out armored vehicles, tanks and personnel carriers, Vahidi said.
Qaem missile is among a class of semi-heavy guided missiles and can destroy low-altitude aerial targets that fly at low speed. With its laser-guided system, Qaem is also resistant to electronic warfare.
Vahidi described Qaem as a light-weight, guided missile “that is able to destroy low-altitude air targets, particularly armored combat helicopters.”
The announcement of new missile production coincided with the Ten-Day Dawn ceremonies marking the 31st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution that toppled the US-backed shah.
Iran launched a rocket this week carrying turtles, rats and worms aboard a Kavoshgar-3 (Explorer) rocket in its first experiment to put living creatures into space.
In December Iran tested the Sejil 2 (Lethal Stone) missile, which is a faster version of a medium-range missile that can reach Israel and its nuclear sites.

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